I am dedicated to fighting for the working families of Southern Illinois. I’m running for office to assure that everyone in Illinois is represented. I understand the everyday struggles of the working families in the district and I will bring that to Springfield.


A longtime resident of the district, Kacie has called Hoyleton home since childhood. Her mother, Peggy, is an infectious disease nurse. Her late father, Wally, was a union boilermaker with Local 363. Kacie understands the experiences of working families in the district.

Having attended Hoyleton Grade School, Kacie went on to graduate from Centralia High School. Kacie worked after high school and later transferred from Kaskaskia College to the University of Missouri–St. Louis where she is finishing a degree in Political Science with a certificate in Labor Studies.

Kacie has experience working in healthcare, education, and with nonprofits. As part of her service in AmeriCorps, Kacie taught underprivileged youth and worked in re-entry services with women leaving the criminal justice system.


When she was nine, Kacie and her mother came home to find her father paralyzed after falling from the roof. Throughout his months in the hospital, Kacie and her mother never left his side. Once he was able to come home, Kacie’s mother went back to her job as a nurse working twelve hour night shifts, while Kacie looked after her father after school. Luckily, her father did have insurance, but they were still financially struggling. They couldn’t afford help, so Kacie and her mother took turns being the caretaker for her father. Kacie is proud to be from such a tight-knit community where people come together when someone in the community needs it, much like they did when her father needed help.

In 2007, Kacie’s father passed away from cancer at the age of 48. Throughout her father’s treatment, Kacie became aware how necessary healthcare reform truly is. She knew her father feared the financial burden that his healthcare costs would leave his family.

Kacie understands the unnecessary hardships that can befall families struck by tragedy and what we can do as a community, and as a state, to help alleviate the financial burden of such tragedies for Illinois families.