The American dream is becoming unattainable for most Illinoisans. Many are forced to work multiple jobs just to barely make ends meet. We do not have money in our savings accounts, we are living paycheck to paycheck. People are often forced to make tough choices between necessities. These realities charge interest! Not being able to go to the doctor can lead to more serious health problems and greater medical expenses in the future.

This does not have to be normal!

We can build a better Illinois. Kacie believes that the first step to getting us on the path to an Illinois that works for everyone is assuring access to affordable healthcare for all. We should not have to gamble with our lives.

Healthcare is a basic human right

Our public education system is a valuable key to economic empowerment for the people of Illinois. Kacie believes that every family in Illinois should have access to early childhood education. We must demand that the State be responsible in its part of funding our public schools. In order to provide more opportunities to people after high school, we need to make community college tuition free and we must support technical and trade education. The State must also fully fund our public universities, and our universities must recognize the rights of student workers, faculty, and staff. We need to make sure that our education system is strong and that our schools stay open.

Investing in Illinois starts with investing in its people

Illinois has one of the largest economies in this country and our residents deserve quality jobs. Kacie’s mission is to assure quality jobs come to Southern Illinois. Workers’ efforts to organize must be protected. Everyone deserves a living wage and a work environment where they are respected and feel safe.

A strong workforce makes a strong Illinois

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