Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education is vital to the success of children by supporting them and their families through the early stages of learning. Pre-kindergarten programs teach language and social skills, self-control, attentiveness, and persistence. Children who participate in these programs see increased rates of graduation, college attendance, and social mobility.

As your State Representative, I would work to:

  • Protect and increase funding to Early Childhood Education

  • Make high-quality free, universal pre-kindergarten a reality

  • Provide public school districts with the resources they need to administer services to the benefit of all communities as they see fit

K-12 Public Schools

Investing in our schools is an investment in our future. We must resist privatization and voucher schemes that divert taxpayer money away from our public education system and into private institutions. Students require greater access to social workers and mental health resources in their schools to live healthy lives. A child’s access to healthy and hot meals should depend neither on their family’s ability to afford it nor on their family’s ability to qualify for current meal programs. It is a moral imperative that we provide the option for free hot breakfasts and lunches to every student in our public school system and support those who also need assistance outside of the normal school schedule. Illinois is full of bright students and wonderful teachers; we must do right by them by getting public schools the resources they need to provide high-quality education in a safe and welcoming learning environment.

As your State Representative, I would work to:

  • Defend and expand fair funding for public schools

  • Resist privatization and voucher schemes

  • Increase the number of social workers in our schools

  • Make free hot breakfasts and lunches a reality for all students

  • Make our schools safe and welcoming for all students

Community Colleges & Public Universities

Illinois is fortunate to have such great community colleges and public universities. To be economically competitive, we need to assure low-cost, quality higher education. Students should not be forced to go into debt because they want to better themselves; we should uplift them so that they may contribute to our communities. Over the past several decades, tuition has increased beyond affordability for many, changing the promise of our higher education system. We need to work towards a path of tuition free four-year college, starting with free community college. We must create a system that allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of our higher education institutions.

As your State Representative, I would work to:

  • Defend higher education funding

  • Expand student loan forgiveness and financial assistance

  • Make community colleges and public universities tuition free

  • Protect the rights of students

Vocational Education

Vocational education brings valuable options to students through a variety of programs at high schools, community colleges, and other State-funded institutions. The workers trained by these programs are an irreplaceable part of our workforce. We must ensure that vocational education programs continue to meet the needs of the students and workers that they serve. These programs must also remain accessible and a key part of that accessibility must be to make vocational education free.

As your State Representative, I would work to:

  • Defend and expand vocational education funding to meet the needs of workers

  • Ensure the accessibility of vocational programs in high schools, community colleges, and other State-funded institutions

  • Make vocational education free

Education Workers

Illinois teachers, social workers, counselors, professors, assistants, student workers, and all of the support staff in food service, custodial, office, and other positions work hard to improve our education system everyday. We must give them the respect that they deserve by protecting and strengthening their rights as workers.

As your State Representative, I would work to: 

  • Defend and strengthen collective bargaining rights for all workers

  • Ensure that funding needs are met to provide education workers with the supplies they need. Teachers should not have to buy supplies using their own income.

  • Recognize student workers as workers and deserving of the same rights as other workers

  • Communicate with workers to hear and address their concerns